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Your garden should be a place that you enjoy and find inviting, a functional and pleasing extension to your home. At Turning Leaf Gardens we will create the garden that you want, suiting your tastes and needs. Together we can create a carefully thought out garden designed for you. We want to listen to your thoughts, talk to you about how you use your garden and find out your likes and dislikes, then use our knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

Escape to your garden

gardenCreating a garden is rarely as easy as it appears on television. You may not need a total garden makeover, ploughing up your lawn and lifting steel monoliths over your house, garden design can be far more subtle than that. The overgrown patch by the shed, the shady corner where the grass won't grow, the boring lawn and path you are fed up of looking at. Your garden may only have one problem area that you would like to rejuvenate but you're just not quite sure where to start.

Contact us today, we'll be happy to meet you and discuss what you want from your garden.

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